Ignas Zalys


Born Lithuania

Post-graduate studies at university in England

High school teacher, Lithuania

Arrived Canada 1947

Worked for CN 1948-78

Won Hastings Major (non-masters) tournament 1938-9 (8/9)

Played Lithuania Championship 1945

1st place, Montreal Closed Championship (1950, 1961)

Played Canadian Championship 1959

Quebec Open Champion (1953, 1964, 1969)

Won 1952-3 Golden Knights Postal Tournament in 1959 (preliminary 5.5/6; semi-final 6/6; finals 6/6)

2nd place, Golden Knights Postal Championship 1967 (18/18, but lost supplementary match 1.5/4)

Top Senior (over 50), U.S. Open Championship 1972 (8.5/12)

2nd place, Absolute Correspondence Championship (1983, 1985)

Ignas Zalys considered this one of the best games that he ever played:

Maurice Fox - Ignas Zalys

Montreal Closed Championship, Montreal, Quebec, 1949

Ignas Zalys considered this game, against the future grandmaster, one of his best correspondence games:

Walter Browne - Ignas Zalys

Correspondence, 1963-4

Ignas Zalys called this game, his only win against the future grandmaster,  ëinterestingí:

Ignas Zalys - Kevin Spraggett

Saint-Jean Open, Montreal, Quebec, 1973.06.24, Round 3


Contributor: Hugh Brodie

Source (biography, game selection): Personal correspondence of Ignas Zalys, 1989.05.07, 1989.08.08.

Copyright 2011. David Cohen.

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