Ken Winterton


copyright 1998 Estate of Ken WintertonPh.D. Birmingham University 1943

Arrived Canada 1955

Department Head, Ministry of Energy, Mines and Resources, Government of Canada 1959-79

Fellow, American Society for Metals 1979

National Master; 2200 rating first achieved in 1986 (rated 2217, ranked No. 56 in Canada) on winning the R.A. Chess Club Championship (6.5/7)

Top Ottawa player; many times Ottawa (1962, 1970) and R.A. Chess Club (1963/4, 1985/6, etc.) Champion

1st place, 1st Arnprior Open 1983

2nd place, Canadian Correspondence Championship 1965 (K-21)

2nd place, Ontario Open Championship 1968

1st place, 70th United States Open Championship 1969, unrated class section

On 1963 visit to Russia, even at blitz games with former World Champion (and future World Blitz Champion) Mikhail Tal +1 -1

In simultaneous exhibitions against Grandmasters, drew Paul Keres (1970) and beat Tony Miles (1981)

Wrote articles in Chess Canada and En Passant about the causes of errors by chess players

Contributors: family of Ken Winterton

Sources: article by Ken Winterton, Canadian Chess Chat 1963.08 Vol.17, No.8, p.187; Chess Canada, 1975.01-02, Vol.6 No.1-2, p.32-7; Chess Canada Echecs No.60 (1983.05-06, p.20); En Passant No.78 (1986.04), 149, 150, 151; Ottawa Citizen 1998.02.27.

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