Zvonko Vranesic

1969 Canadian Championship Playoff Match, Toronto. Chess Canada 1970.04, Walter Dobrich

International Master (1969)

Professor Emeritus, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Toronto; 

1995-2000 Chair, Division of Engineering Science

Co-author of many books in his field; five editions on the fundamentals of digital logic use chess in the cover design

Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, University of Toronto

2010 Canadian Chess Hall of Fame

1991 3rd place, Canadian Championship; one of only 4 players to compete in Canadian Championships in each of 4 consecutive decades of 1960s-90s

1981 4th place, Canadian Championship

1981 Ontario Closed Champion

1980 Represented Canada at Olympiad; Team Captain

1979 Toronto Open Champion

1978 10th place, Canadian Championship

1975 8th place, Canadian Championship

1974-7 Co-developer (provided chess input) of Chute 1 (later Chute 1.2), 

a computer chess program which competed in the North American Computer Championships (1974-77) and World Computer Championship 1977

1973 Correspondence International Master

1972 Represented Canada at Olympiad

1972 4th place, Canadian Championship

1972 Toronto Closed Champion

1970 Grandmaster Norm at Olympiad

1970 Represented Canada at Olympiad

1970 Ontario Open Champion

1971 Toronto Open Champion

1970 Toronto Closed Champion

1969 International Master

1969 Tied 1st place Canadian Championship

1967 Ontario Open Champion

1967 Toronto Closed Champion

1966 Represented Canada at Olympiad

1966 Ontario Open Champion

1964 Represented Canada at Olympiad

1964 2nd place, Canadian Open Championship

1964 Represented Canada at World Championship Interzonal

1963 2nd place, Canadian Championship

1963 Ontario Open Champion

1961 2nd place, Canadian Championship

1959 Ontario Open Champion

1959 Toronto Closed Champion (perfect score 9/9)

1958 Arrived Canada from Yugoslavia via France (Zagreb field hockey team member)

1957 Yugoslavia Junior Champion


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