Upcoming National Events open for bids

Traditionally the Chess Federation of Canada (CFC) has accepted bids for national events, immediately prior to the AGM, and voted on them at the AGM itself, typically for the following calendar year. While it is expected that a majority of bids will still be approved at the AGM in August, it is expected to be more common for bids to be approved for more than one year out. The submission deadline for approval at the AGM is July 1.

The following are the current 7 Canadian national events open for bidding (the earliest year still to be awarded is in brackets). Additional years (especially for the CO/CYCC pairing) can also be awarded at the next AGM. All "accepted" bids are subject to final negotiation with the CFC Board of Directors.

Canadian Open (2022)

Canadian Youth (2022)

Canadian Closed (2023)

Canadian Women’s Closed (2024)

Canadian Junior (2021)

Canadian Senior (2022)

Please prepare any bid using the bid form and bid budget provided. Additional information is provided in the Event profile handout.

The following events are the current 2 North American regional events open for bidding (earliest year likely to be awarded to Canada is in brackets). The CFC Board of Directors submits its “best” submitted bid to FIDE America for final approval.

North American Youth (2022)

North American Junior (TBD: 2021 or 2022)



National Event Bid form

Budget Form

CFC National Event Profiles (using CSTA Template) ... PDF