TD Resources and CFC Bid Forms

For the convenience of tournament directors we have the following forms available for download.  Please note that the Rounds Results form and the Wall Chart are not to be submitted to the CFC when submitting ratings.

Rating Fees

To have a tournament rated by the Chess Federation of Canada all participants must be members at the time of the tournament (except for ALL Junior tournaments). Cost is $3 per person for mixed and adult tournaments. Cost is $0.50 per person for tournaments that ALL participants are under the age of 19. All tournaments must be submitted to the CFC no later than 1 month after their completion.

How to Submit Results

6 Round Swiss
10 Round Swiss
6 Round RR
10 Round RR
20 Round RR
Match Report
Wall Chart
Pairings Sheet
Pairing Cards
Membership Report Form


CFC Bid Form
CFC Bid Budget

Rating List
Tournament directors can download a complete rating list of all members both current and past. This is a delimited text file so it can be imported to any database, spreadsheet or word processor you want. The file contains CFC Numbers, Names, Expiry Dates, Ratings (both active and regular) and Rating Indicators.