Submitting Tournaments

In order for the CFC to keep an updated list of ratings for its members, tournament results must be reported. This page describes how to submit a tournament report.

  1. General Guidelines
  2. What Not to Do - common mistakes and how to avoid them
  3. Handling Forfeits
  4. How to Submit via E-Mail
  5. How to Submit via Regular Mail

General Guidelines

  • Fill in all relevant fields at the top of the form. This includes
    • Name of Tournament
    • Active|Regular
    • TD
    • Organizer/Organizing Club
    • TD CFC#
    • Org CFC#
    • Ending Date of Tournament (Very Important!),
  • Not all tournaments will have multiple sections.
  • Not all tournaments will have an Organizer and/or Organizers CFC#.
  • Indicate clearly if tournament is Regular or Active Rated.
  • Active Rated tournaments should have Active in the title (e.g. Keres Active)
  • Please use full names.
  • Tournament Directors must have CFC numbers.
  • All rated forfeits must have "RF" in the box.
  • All unrated forfeits must have "F" in the box.
  • Submit a tournament ASAP after the event ends.

What not to do

  • Submit a tournament without payment.
  • Submit a tournament with incomplete information.
  • Have one player play two people in the same round.
  • Do not put membership information on crosstable. (e.g. Change of address, Membership money collected).
  • Do not submit tournament more than one month after end of event.
  • Do not use partial names (e.g. J.Smith).
  • Do not use player numbers such as 21a or 21b.

Handling Forfeits

The CFC Reporting Format asks a submission to distinguish between a "Forfeit" and a "Rated Forfeit". The Forfeit is marked with "WF/LF" and the rated Forfeit is marked as "WRF/LRF".

A Forfeit should be marked either as "L0/W0", a Loss or Win against player 0, or it can be marked as "LF3/WF3". A Rated Forfeit should be marked "LRFn/WRFn" where n is the player's number. Notice the "RF" must appear for a rated forfeit.

Submitting via E-Mail

Submitting via Regular Mail

  • Tournament MUST be sent with payment. Credit card payment may be sent by E-Mail or called into the office. Tournaments without payment will be refused.
  • Submit each section on separate piece of paper.
  • Submit tournament reports on standard 8 ½ x 11 paper (do not enlarge or shrink forms)
  • Please write clearly.
  • Use the CFC Tournament Forms or approved computer printouts. (See North Bay International Open – U1600 example)
  • Please do NOT submit Wall Chart, it is not accetpable.