Josef Smolij

Played Canadian Championship 1959

Played speed chess every night, all night, in Toronto at the chess tables on Gould Street, corner Yonge Street, from about 1977 through 1985 for $0.50/game (later $1/game)

Famous opening: Smash-Crash Gambit (Greco Counter-Gambit/Latvian Gambit); adopted by IM David Levy in his loss against Chess 4.7, match, Toronto, 1978 after Smolij and Levy played blitz chess the night before

Famous claims: World's fastest chess player; 50,000 chess games played

Famous quotes: "I'm poor in the pocketbook but rich in the mind."; "Kill as you go!"; "Show no mercy!"

Character in Canadian edition of 'Kicking Tomorrow' by Daniel Richler based on Smolij as a tribute


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