Chess Federation of Canada (C.F.C.)
School Assistance Program

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Press Release about Chess Training Manual

Why Chess?
Chess is the aerobics of the mind. Chess has been shown to improve academic performance. A youngster taking part in a chess program develops critical thinking; logic, reasoning, and problem solving abilities; memory, concentration and visualization skills; confidence; patience; determination; poise; self-expression; and good sportsmanship. And perhaps more importantly, children who participate in chess programs improve their self-esteem.

What is the Chess Federation of Canada?
The Chess Federation of Canada is a non-profit organization whose mandate is to promote and encourage the knowledge, study and play of the game of chess in Canada. The C.F.C. organizes National Championships and provides funding for the winners to go on to the World Championships. In addition, the C.F.C. has sent a team to the World Chess Olympiad each time it has been held (every second year) since 1964.

Why do we want to help?
As part of our mandate as a non-profit organization we are to encourage the study of chess, and what better place to encourage this than in schools. It will give teachers a fun learning tool and students a refreshing break from the regular curriculum.

What kind of help can the C.F.C. offer?
Chess Training Manual: This newly created manual has been produced by one of Canada's premier players and chess teachers International Master Tom O'Donnell in consultation with other school teachers and chess trainers. The manual is broken down into 26 lessons spanning over 300 pages, with each chapter containing;

  • A full overview and description of the lesson. 
  • Student question sheets 
  • Teachers answer sheets 

There is even a section that goes over the basics from how to use a chess clock to the more advanced how to run a chess tournament. For a list of the lessons, click here.

Chess Equipment: The C.F.C. has supplied the chess players with chess books, sets, boards, clocks, computers etc. for over 30 years. Now the C.F.C. has come out with a line of chess products for schools, designed to deliver high quality, long lasting products at a price that schools and school boards can afford.

Who can I contact for further information?
For further information about this program or about the Chess Federation of Canada, feel free to contact