Herbert Rose


Born Canada; graduated McGill University, Montreal 1904; Rhodes Scholar 1904

First-class honour in Greek and Latin, the first university honour conferred on any Rhodes Scholar, Oxford University 1905

Oxford University Champion 1905

Represented Oxford vs. Cambridge, university team matches 1905-8 (+2 =2; draw on Board 1 in 1907)

Represented England vs. USA, universities team cable match 1907 (draw on Board 1 vs. Capablanca)

Professor (1927-53), Chair of Greek at University of St. Andrews, Scotland

Wrote A Handbook of Greek Mythology 1928

Here is Rose's draw with future World Champion Capablanca:

Jose R. Capablanca - Herbert J. Rose

Columbia University (USA) - Oxford University (England), Anglo-American Universities Cable Match, 1907.03.23, Board 1


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