Edward Porper

International Master (1991)

2012 Canadian Olympic Team Member

2011 Editor, Canadian Chess News

2011 1st place, 1st Holiday Open, San Bernardino, Switzerland

2009 1st place, Canadian Open Championship

2006 1st place, Mannheim, Germany

2006 1st place, 32nd Guernsey Chess Festival

2004 Grandmaster Norm for winning the Liechtenstein Open

2002 1st place, Rajka Open, Austria

1991 1st place, Olot, Spain; 3rd and final IM norm

Chess coach

Translator (English, Hebrew and German) and travel writer

Born Ukraine, arrived Canada 2008 from Israel

Porper won a beauty prize for the following game:

Edward Porper - Gavin Lock, 32nd Guernsey Chess Festival, Grand Harve Bay GCI, 2006.10.21, Round 7

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