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High = Highest Regular Rating or Number of provisional games
ARtg = Active Ratings
AHigh = Highest Active Rating or Number of provisional games

Newfoundland & Labrador
1724512020-02-01Anwar, IbrahimNLSt. John's0012364
1726582021-06-01Baggs, GregNLMount Pearl0010115
1716822020-12-01Carey, BrianNLSt John's1439514635
1693562020-04-01Chandrakanth, NandanNLSt. John's1535900
1670112020-12-01Clowe, IssiahNLSt John12051400
1297112021-03-01Dervisevic, NihadNLSt. John's20302113205015
100072No ExpiryDiebes, R.NLSt. Albans20852085208510
1715902020-11-01Gosse, JonathanNLSt. John's16311000
1632292020-07-01Hanlon, GinoNLSt. John's12021114994
1663172020-03-01Huang, XingboNLSt. John's 18322418768
100154No ExpiryHunter, Robert A.NLGrandFalls-Windsor0000
100284No ExpiryInkpen, WaneNLFortune17031800169710
1693542020-04-01Lawley, IsaacNLSt. John's1586400
1720912020-12-01Legge, ChristianNLSt. John's1439500
100217No ExpiryMacauley, James R.NLPORT-AUX-BASQUES0000
1256962020-11-01Mahon, GaryNLTorbay16291900
1257302021-05-01Martin, SteveNLSt. John's1978210719581998
1564422020-02-01McKeown, GaryNLSt. John's1460515583
1610072021-06-01Meeuwenoord, MarioNLGambo12981200
1674922020-09-01Merrigan, DaleyNLCorner Brook206524195810
127517No ExpiryMills, MorgonNLHappyValleyGooseBay2136226122182218
1208402020-09-01Ozon, Blair R.NLSt Johns1461818681
100178No ExpiryPerchard, RobertNLSt. John's14231423148110
1581942020-09-01Pickard, RyanNLSt. John's18941894162423
103802No ExpiryTsui, AlickNLSt. John's14731593147310
1709242020-08-01Whelan, MartinNLSt. John's1345217634
1693552020-04-01Wong, DannyNLSt. John's13911711907