International Chess News - May 25, 2012

Tomorrow sees the 11th game in the World Championship Match. Gelfand has white. Anand played the Rossolimo Variation (finally an opening I've played) against Gelfand's Sicilian in round 10.

Hikaru Nakamura came from behind to take the US Championship, beating leader and defending Champion Gata Kamsky with black in the pentultimate round. Meanwhile Irina Krush took the Women's Title in a tie-break match over defending champion, Anna Zatonskih.

FIDE are now revealing detailed plans for a 2012-13 Grand Prix Circuit. 18 participants each taking part in 4 of the 6 planned tournaments (12 player round-robins).The first tournament starts Sept 19. The last FIDE Grand Prix was won by Levon Aronian.