The CFC Regular Chess Post ( Week of April 6 - 12/12 )

The CFC Regular Chess Post – April 11/12 – Richard Wang wins 2012 Alberta Closed.

At the age of 13 Richard Wang won the 2012 Alberta Closed Championship over the Easter weekend. Richard did so in style as along with the title he will now become an FM. Despite a last round loss to FM Vlad Pechenkin, Richard was the sole winner with 3.5/5. Second was shared by IM Edward Porper and NM Alex Yam with 3/5 each.

The reserves section which ran alongside the main event in a Swiss format was won by NM Rob Gardner and Jim Daniluk with 4/5 each.

There was some media coverage of the tournament. CTV did an interesting story which can be found here:

Pictures of the tournament can be accessed here:

Full standings and other information is on the official website:

Thanks to Vlad Rekhson for the report.

Bob Armstrong, CFC Public Relations Coordinator

The CFC Regular Chess Post # 2 – April 10/12 – Grand Pacific Open Result.

Played over the Easter weekend, there was record attendance at the Grand Pacific Open to go with this year's record guaranteed prize fund of $5000. This year's attendance of 120 flew by last year's record of 104 with players from (give or take) five different countries, seven different states, and three different provinces. An added attraction was the participation of GM Hikaru Nakamura, 6th ranked in the world. It is not common for a weekend tournament such as the GPO to have such a high profile name - this was a rare opportunity for BC players to see one of the best in the world in person in action. To no one's surprise, GM Hikaru Nakamura took home first place with last year's champion, WGM Nino Maisuradze finishing in clear second.

Thanks to Roger Patterson for directing us to the Event Report by him.

Bob Armstrong, CFC Public Relations Coordinator

The CFC Regular Chess Post – April 10/12 – Niagara Falls Open.

Less Than One Week Away
!! 22 Pre-registrations.

Dates: April 14 & 15, 2012.

Location: Niagara Shrine Club, 5621 North St., Niagara Falls, Ontario
(Next to Greater Niagara General Hospital).

Type: 5 Round Swiss.

Rounds: Sat. 9:00 am, 12:30 am & 4 pm, Sun. 10:00 am & ASAP.

Time Control: Rounds 1-3 G/90 Rounds 4-5 30/90 then SD/60.

Byes: Two 1/2 points available Rounds 1-3 only.

Entry Fee: Seniors (65+yr) Juniors (<18yrs) $45, rest $50.

Prizes: $$BEN, Unrated participants, only eligible for unrated prize, if applicable.

Registration by email: up to April 13th.

Registration by regular mail to: John Erickson, 4-6453 Colborne St., Niagara Falls, Ontario, L2J 1E7.

Regular mail entries: to be received by April 12th.

On site registration: between 8:00-8:45 am on April 14th. Late fee $5 added.
Cash only at site.

Site is non smoking.
Bring Chess Sets and Clocks.
CFC Membership required.
Memberships can be purchased on site.
Junior memberships need proof of age.

Bob Armstrong, CFC Public Relations Coordinator