International News Today - March 8, 2012

We're at a little bit of a lull in the schedule, and to bring things up to date - I should mention that Alexander Morozevich was the winner of the Petrov Memorial, in Riga. The final was an 8 player rapid Round-Robin.

The Women's European Individual is underway. Today is the off day, and after 6 rounds the surprise leader is Hoang Thanh Trang (HUN). Ranked 21st, I haven't heard of her before (she's 31 and moved to Budapest from Vietnam when she was 10 - former World Girl's Champion). Her score of 5.5/6 is one half point better than better known names: Marie Sebag (FRA), Valentina Gunina (RUS), Cristina-Adela Foisor (RUM), and Viktorija Cmilyte (LTU). Lots of play is left, as it's a 13 rounder.

Today is round 3 of the Reykjavik Open. This year's top player is Fabiano Caruana who has broken into the Top 10 in the world and now sports a FIDE rating of 2767. Other well known names include David Navara and Hou Yifan. They are all among the group of the players with perfect scores after 2 rounds.

The Cappelle La Grande Tournament (FRA) is one of the largest in the world. The leaders after 6 rounds are Harikrishna, Lysyj, Petrosian, Negi, Amin, Sandipan, Sokolov and Tomczak. They all have 5 points. Only two more rounds after today.

FIDE has published a draft schedule for the World Championship cycle in 2013-2015. The Grand Prix returns and the 2013 World Championship is pushed back until the fall. This is important to know so that when your friends ask, when is Carlsen playing for the world championship again, you can set them straight - and tell them they only have to wait another 18 months (if he gets by those 7 other guys :-). I have incorporated it into my schedule: