The CFC Regular Chess Post ( Week of March 2 - 8/12 )

The CFC Regular Chess Post – March 8/12 – Riedstra Memorial Winter Regular.

Name: 2012 Richard Riedstra Memorial Winter Regular.
Starts Saturday !! 10 & 11 March 2012.
Location: Kitchener City Hall - 200 King St W.
City: Kitchener.
Province: Ontario.
Number of Rounds: 5.
Type: Swiss.
Three sections: Open, U2000 U1700.
Round Times: Sat 10, 1:30, 6 Sun 10, 3.
Time Control: Rd 1 G/60 Rd 2-5 G/90 +30.
Entry Fee: $50.
Entry Fee (Junior and titled players): $40.
Prizes: Projected prizes (based on min 40 entries):
Open - $500-$300-$100.
U2000 - $400-$200-$100.
U1700 - $300-$200-$100.
Commemorative trophy for Open winner.
All registration fees returned as prizes.
Registration Instructions: The tournament is held in memory of the late Richard Riedstra, a co-founder of the Kitchener-Waterloo Chess Club, a pillar of the community and a great ambassador for the game.
Byes permitted - round 1-4.
Advance entry $10 discount if reg'd by Mar 3rd.
Registration: by mail.
Mario Piccinin 301-485 Pinebush Rd, Cambridge, On, N1T 0A6 or by email. or registration at the door at 9:00-9:30 on Saturday (cash only); CFC Membership req'd.
Any questions? Contact Mario at .

Bob Armstrong, CFC Public Relations Coordinator

The CFC Regular Chess Post – March 7/12 ( # 2 ) – New CFC “ Quick Chess Rating System “ Ready to Go.

I ( Paul Leblanc, CFC Governor and Rating Auditor ) am pleased to announce ( minor editing ):

The CFC Quick Chess Ratings that govern all games with time controls less than 60 minutes ( to 5 min. ) per player have been updated as follows:

All CFC players with Regular ratings but no previous Active ratings have been assigned provisional Quick Chess ratings. In most cases the new Quick Chess rating is equal to the current Regular rating. The CFC hopes to make Quick Chess ratings more meaningful by this change. Please allow a few events to be rated before you judge the success of this measure.

To assist you in determining the appropriate rating category for your events, I offer the following:

All events rated Standard/Regular should:

1. use chess clocks
2. require both players to record moves
3. have time set for no less than game in 60 minutes per player (may include increments based on 60 moves) (CFC Handbook article 711)
4. have time controls and round times advertised in pre-event advertising and posted on organizer's website (CFC Handbook article 711)
5. have no more than 4 games in 24 hours
6. include the exact time control with the rating submission to the CFC

Otherwise, events must be submitted for Quick Chess Rating. Rare exemptions may be granted on the recommendation of the Rating Auditor and approved by the CFC Executive.

Note: By Fred McKim, seconder of the motion implementing Quick Chess Ratings:

Any games played with less than 15 minutes must be indicated when submitting (as rating gains or losses are cut in half).

Bob Armstrong, CFC Public Relations Coordinator

The CFC Regular Chess Post – March 7/12 – The Canadian Youth Chess Championships Are Important.

"The importance of the CYCC lies in its offering of healthy competition and community building within peer groups. The best in the country arrive and compete, all the while receiving practical feedback on their play relative to their peers and affording each competitor an opportunity to learn something about Canada through first-hand ...accounts of activities in other parts of the country. For those that go on to represent Canada at the WYCC, the same benefits and responsibilities apply on a global scale. It really is a grand experience within a great community. Chess, as life itself, of course, transcends governing bodies and truly depends on its community to shape and define it. The competitors in the CYCC represent the future of this community in Canada. "

Michael von Keitz.
CFC President.
2001, 2002, & 2003 CYCC Participant.

( thanks to Victoria Jung-Doknjas, 2012 CYCC Organizing Committee, for the quote ).

Bob Armstrong, CFC Public Relations Coordinator

The CFC Regular Chess Post – March 5/12 – FIDE Tournaments In Canada.

An issue has recently been raised re the frequency of FIDE-rated tournaments in Canada. Though they have not been plentiful in the past, more recently organizers have taken the bull by the horns, and been organizing an increasing number of FIDE-rated tournaments in Canada! This does not mean that we can be satisfied at this point. The CFC needs to look at what further support can be given to organizers in this regard.

But there have been recent FIDE-rated tournament, and future ones coming up:

Guelph Winter Pro-Am - February 11-12, 2012
Peter Clark Hall, Guelph University Centre
5 Round Swiss; A SWOCL Grand Prix Event
3 Sections: FIDE Rated Pro, FIDE Rated U2000, U1600

Hart House Reading Week Open - February 18th, 19th, 20th (Sat, Sun, Mon).
Great Hall, Hart House, University of Toronto, 7 Hart House Circle, Toronto
Style: 6 round Swiss in 4 sections: Open & U2200 (FIDE Rated), U1900 & U1600

Grand Pacific Open – April /2012 – Victoria, BC.

Canadian Open – July/ 2012 – Victoria, BC.

And there have been others, and others coming up. Maybe the organizers might post the details here for players interested in FIDE – rated tournaments. And also the details of any past, recent FIDE-rated tournaments in order to put the record straight on this.

Bob Armstrong, CFC Public Relations Coordinator


The CFC Regular Chess Post – March 2/12 – Ottawa RA CC Champion.

With a win last night, Joey Qin achieved a remarkable sweep of the championship titles at Ottawa's RA Chess Club. Earlier, he won the Club's Blitz and Active Championships. He has now added the RA Chess Club Championship for the tripe crown.
This also represents a "three-peat" as Joey won the RACC two years ago and was co-winner last year.
Congratulations to a fine young player.

All the details to follow from our indefatigable Director of Tournaments, Halldor Palsson. They will also be posted by John Upper on the Club website at

( Post by Ottawa RA Member Gordon Ritchie )

Bob Armstrong, CFC Public Relations Coordinator