CFC Website - Major Reworking

 CFC has been experiencing since the new CFC Website came onstream, periodic crashing, which appears related to database use. CFC has been working with our contract web developer, Resolution, to solve the problem.

Here is the latest update ( 11/11/16 ) from PEI CFC Governor, and Treasurer, Fred McKim, who is handling the new website file on behalf of the executive:

" we thought we had the problem of the CFC website crashing licked, however after two weeks of consecutive up-time it suffered a server shutdown over the weekend, due to heavy use on the database.

The Resolution people are working this week to rewrite all of the database programming and interface, so that this won't happen any more. While this is happening I think we are going to experience ups and downs every day.

Those needing the ratings should make a copy of the new tdlist.txt once it's posted later today or tomorrow (when we're up). "

Bob A, CFC Public Relations Coordinator