International News Today - Nov 7, 2011

The European Team Championship is in full progress in Greece. Yesterday’s games brought some huge upsets as Germany defeated Ukraine, while Bulgaria defeated Russia. After 4 rounds of play there is a 5 way tie for 1st with 7/8 points. Azerbaijan (3), France (6), Bulgaria (7), Germany (10) and Spain (13) all have 7. Incredibly Russia, Ukraine, and Armenia are all two full points behind. Today’s top pairings are AZE-FRA, GER-BUL, and ESP-GRE (who have 6 points).

I had provided some minimal coverage of the Corsica Masters. Turns out the top 14 from the main event then joined Anand and Mamedyarov in a KO rapid event for the final title. In any event the two favourites mowed down the opposition and met in the final, with Anand winning 2-0.