International News Today - Oct 26, 2011

The Spice Cup has probably become the top annual round-robin event in North America. This tournament, sponsored by Susan Polgar has grown just about every year since it's introduction. This year's event has two 2700+ players: Lenier Dominguez Perez (CUB) and Le Quang Liam (VIE). They did not disappoint and met in the final round battle for first. With the three point scoring in use, Le defeated Dominguez to take 1st place with 17 points to 15 points. Georg Meier (GER) also finished with 15. Other players in finishing order were Ray Robson (USA), Sebastien Fuller (FRA), and Yuri Shulman (USA).

The Chigorin Memorial was won by Russian GM, Dmitry Bocharov over several 2600+ players. I have to admit I'm not familiar with Dmitry, but the 32 year old had a peak rating of 2647 just two years ago and had won this same event in 2006.

The Corsica Masters is a strong open event. After 6 out of 9 rounds, among those tied for 1st are the following 2600+ GM's: Gawain Jones (ENG), Laurent Fressinet (FRA), Hrant Melkumyan (AZE), Krishnan Sasikiran (IND), and Ivan Cheparinov (BUL).