International News Today - Oct 24, 2011

At Barcelona, Yasser Seirawan and Ivan Salgado both won their final round games to finish 1/2 pt ahead of Kevin Spraggett, who manouvered for 70 + moves before agreeing to a draw in his final game. A good showing by Kevin.

With the Women's Grand Prix event long since sewn up Zhao Xue lost her final game to second place finisher Ju Wenjun. Her final score was still an amazing 9.5/11 - she was a semi-finalist in last years Women's World Championship.

Vlad Kramnik had little difficulty finishing off the Unive event in 1st place with a score of 4.5/6. Ansih Giri (NED) took 2nd with 3.

A bit of a rest in the schedule, before we embark on Hou Yifan vs Humpy Koneru, the Tal Memorial & World Blitz, and World Youth all starting up mid Nov.