The CFC Regular Chess Post ( Week of Oct. 21-27 )

The CFC Regular Chess Post – October 26/11 – London October Open. City: London, Ontario; Date: Saturday, October 29, 2011; Place: Hillside Church (250 Commissioners Rd. East, parking in back); Rds: 3; Start Time: 10am; Type: Swiss, Regular Rated. Check the CFC Website for details – click on “ National Tournaments “ on the Home Page. Bob Armstrong, CFC Public Relations Coordinator

The CFC Regular Chess Post – October 24/11 – CFC Membership Drive Committee. The idea of a CFC membership drive has been floating around for about a year. EOCA Governor Kevin Pacey got a motion passed at the 2011 Fall Governors’ On-line Meeting striking a Membership Drive Committee, and he is its first Chairperson. There are currently two members on the committee, Ont. Governor Rob Clark ( replaced SWOCL Governor Michael von Keitz, elected CFC President ), and Master's Representative/Tournament Coordinator Vlad Drkulec. The committee is just forming up and Kevin has indicated it will likely make few public statements, and will be reporting to the Governors. Kevin has indicated a small committee might be the most effective, and its first task is going to be to contact expired CFC members. Bob Armstrong, CFC Public Relations Coordinator.

The CFC Regular Chess Post – October 21/11 – CFC Long-Term Planning Committee. At the 2011 Fall Governors’ On-line Meeting, a new CFC Long-Term Planning Committee was struck. This was an initiative of EOCA Gov. Kevin Pacey, who was the initial chairperson, who now no longer sits on the committee. Its new Chairperson is Master’s Representative, Gov. Vlad Drkulec. The 4 members of the Committee are SWOCL Gov. Chris Mallon, Prov. Rep. Gov. Rob Clark ( replaces SWOCL Gov. Michael von Keitz, who was elected CFC President ), GTCL Gov. Brian Fiedler, and CFC President, Michael von Keitz. No terms of reference have yet been developed. But Vlad has stated that the development of a strategic plan is the primary focus of the long term planning committee. In the course of developing that strategic plan they will definitely have to deal with a vision of where the CFC wants to go as a federation and how the committee proposes to get there. The committee hopes to have drafted a preliminary report for discussion in around 3-6 months ( depends on member availability ). Bob Armstrong, CFC Public Relations Coordinator