International News Today - September 29, 2011

Three of the 10 rounds at the Grand Slam Masters are complete. With the first half taking place in Brazil, it's possible for those of us in North America to actually watch the games in the evening. This may rank as the highest rated 6 player tournament on record.

The surprise leader is Vassily Ivanchuk, who seems to be continuing his good form from the World Cup, with 2 wins and a draw he has a score of 7 points.

Levon Aronian holds down second place with 4 points. The two top rated players in the world, Magnus Carlsen and Vishy Anand both lost yesterday (perhaps a first); Carlsen having a nice position against Vallejo, where he apparently simply blundered a piece to a two mover.

The European Cup (Slovenia) has 4 teams left with a perfect score after 4 rounds. These teams sport a total of 13 2700+ players. With this event going only once a year, it's hard to keep track of who is on which team, so I'll try and report on some top scorers in the next report.


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