International News Today - Aug 6, 2011

At the World Junior:

FM Roman Sapozhnikov has 2.5/5, and has played 2IM's and a GM. His performance rating of 2295 is dead on with his FIDE rating. Tomorrow he is black against GM Jorge Cori (PER).

FM Shiyam Thavandiran has 3/5, and has played 2IM's. His performance rating of 2359 is an improvement on his 2320 FIDE rating. Tomorrow he is white against IM Suri Vaibhav (IND).

At the top of the event, all of the top seeded players have been upset... alone in 1st is Italian IM Axel Rombaldoni. He has a perfect score and has beaten 3 GM's including Salgado Lopez and Grandelius. The sole second place competitor is IM Kacpur Piorun (POL). He is black tomorrow against Rombaldoni. Ten players share 3rd.