International News Today - July 25, 1011

Organizing, TDing and playing chess all weekend sucks the life out of you and the ability to monitor what's going on in the world. Anyway this week I'm in a trailer in what must be the biggest campground here in PEI. I was trying to get some live chess this afternoon, but I can't seem to get through right now, so we'll just deal with some stuff up to the beginning of today.

Yesterday at Dortmund, Vlad Kramnik took advantage of Nakamura's trying to win an even position and now has 3.5/4. Second in Ponomariov with 2.5 in the double RR.

Today Magnus Carlsen got back on the winning track in Biel, taking down Pelletier, to improve his score to 4-1-1 or 13 points. Morozevich stays within striking distance with 10 points. 4 rounds to go.

Yesterday in China, some upsets as USA defeated Azerbaijan and China defeated Russia. Today's big wow was Russia taking down Israel by a 4-0 score ! Armenia holds the lead with 5 wins and three draws entering the final round. They hold a two point lead over China and Ukraine. Tomorrow Ukraine plays Armenia, while China plays Hungary. Armenia can finish clear 1st with a 2-2 split. If they lose, Ukraine would have a better tie-breaker and take the gold unless China also wins in which case it would come to the total game points, which China would be ahead of Ukraine. Just like the hockey play-off tie-breakers !!! For the top individuals I'd have to go with Wang Yue and Ian Nepomniachtchi both scoring 6/8 yielding performance ratings in the high 2800's.