May 22 2011

A short draw in game 3 yesterday as Gelfand played a novelty to equalize by move 14 after Grischuk's seldom played fianchetto in QGD. Today was a rest day.

I took my eye off the action in Havana for a couple of day's and when I came back Vassily Ivanchuk had worked his way back with into a tie for first, by winning his last two games, with Le Quang Liem. They scored 6.5/10. Meanwhile Mark Bluvshtein finished tied for 1st in the premiere group with Emilio Cordovo (PER). Both scored 6 /9.

Alexei Shirov just won a round-robin in Lublin (POL) with a score of 5/7. Tied for 2nd, 1/2 pt behind were Boris Grachaev (RUS) and Andrei Zhigalko (BLR) with 4.5. All players were rated 2650+.

Francisco Vallejo Pons won the Bahia Feliz tournament in Spain, scoring 6/9. He had a 1/2 pt lead over Ukranian phenom Ilya Nyzhnyk.