May 19 2011

I have just enough time to post from my hotel lobby this evening. Won't be home til nearly midnight tomorrow, so I'll probably be back on, Saturday.

Grischuk changed up his "apparent" strategy of playing simple drawish positions with white, as today he had a really dynamic game and had serious winning chances against Gelfand, who managed to hold him back, when Grischuk got into severe time trouble. Game 2 tomorrow, 7am EDT.

Nothing much has changed in the Capablanca elite group with Andreikin, Navara, and Le all still leading, now with 4.5/7. With 2 rounds to go in the premiere group, Mark Bluvshtein finds himself in a tie for second place, a half point behind Cordova (PER). Tied with Mark is Alvarez Pedraza (CUB).

Viktorija Cmilyte (LTU) held on to her lead at the European Women's Championship, with a final score of 9/11. Correction on her age, as she's 28. Top 14 qualify for the 2012 World Championship Tournament. See the final results at: