May 16 2011

An exciting day at the Candidates as both matches were still deadlocked after the 4 rapid games so it went to the exciting blitz matches. Gelfand and Grischuk both won the first games with black, and Kamsky and Kramnik both tried unorthodox openings with black and things went downhill from there for them. The finals (Gelfand vs Grischuk) start on Thursday.

In Havana all games in the Elite were drawn yesterday, so the standings stay the same. In the Premiere Group Mark Bluvshtein lost to Daniele Vocaturo, but still holds a piece of 1st place. Today is the rest day.

In Tbilisi, 9th seeded Viktorija Cmilyte remains in 1st place with 7.5/9. The 30 year old Lithuanian, received the GM title last year and has actually won her National title twice!! Among those 1/2 pt behing are Stefanova and Lahno. The top rated Kosinsteva sisters are still safely in the top 14, as they both have 6.5. Two more rounds to go.