CFC's new Newsfeed Launched May 1st

As part of its effort to broaden and accelerate coverage of Canadian chess, the CFC assigned its new news editor the task of developing a daily newsfeed. 

That job officially starts today (May 1), and today the CFC's new Newsfeed is up and running! 

This morning, you'll find:

    • a tournament report with photos from the Quebec Chess Challenge
    • introductory messages from Félix Dumont and me
    • a tournament announcement about the Ontario Girls' Chess Championship
    • a page listing and introducing our Team of contributors.

A big thanks to Félix Dumont for assembling and coordinating the McGill Chess Team for their work in creating the site and their commitment to supplying it with daily content. That we've launched on time is all the more remarkable as the students involved finished their final exams only yesterday
(special thanks to our webmaster Shao Hang He... I hope our deadlines won't force you to go to summer-school).

It' here:


PS: can anyone tell me why the bullets in the list above (below "you'll find") appear correctly in the editor and "Preview" screens, but disapper when I hit "Save" to post this? (I've tried with Text format Full HTML and Filtered HTML and Plain Text)