The CFC Regular Chess Post ( Week of Jan.18 - 24/13 )

The CFC Regular Chess Post – January 24/13 – CFC Governors’ Special January On-line Meeting

Starts Tomorrow!!

The CFC Governors held their last quarterly meeting, the 2013 Winter Meeting, on Jan. 1 – 7. But a few items arose there requiring further consideration. So the governors are holding a special additional meeting from Friday, Jan. 25 to Thursday, Jan. 31. This meeting is open to the public ( viewing only ). Come ( ) and see your tax dollars at work!!
Here is the agenda for that meeting:

Discussion: Friday, January 25th (11am ET) - Monday, January 28th (9pm ET)
Voting: Monday, January 28th (9pm ET) - Thursday, January 31st (9pm ET)

Part 1 - Preliminaries

1. Agenda
2. Governors' Sign In
3. Instructions/Questions/Comments on the On-line Meeting Procedures

Part 2 - Motions

4. Motion RE: 2013 NFP Act Transition Committee Report (Mallon/Denommee)

Rather than ratifying or accepting the report, the committee is instead directed to propose an alternative which meets the minimum requirements of the new NFP laws and regulations, while making the minimum required changes to the CFC constitution, bylaws and regulations. This additional report shall be presented to governors no later than March 18th (14 days prior to the start of the next online meeting).

5. 2013-T Olympic Regulations (McKim/Rekhson)


-Mover/seconder are anticipated to be redrafting the motion to use FIDE ratings as the sole selection criterion and to maintain the Olympic Committee as an advisory body.

-i) and ii) will be voted on separately.

i) The following alterations to the Olympic rules are to remove the selection committee and use only the selection rating for team inclusion.
1) Delete 904 (a) and renumber other parts of 904. Remove reference to selection committee on 904 (b)

2) Delete 905 and renumber other sections.

3) Alter 906 (b) & (c). (ii) alter "three highest rated players" to "four highest rated players" , (iii) delete

4) Alter 911 (a) - delete "he or she shall be replaced by the next player on the Selection Committee List. If the Selection Committee List is exhausted,"

ii) The following alterations to the Olympic rules are to alter the selection rules and role of the team captain.
1) 904 (f) In title alter "Election" to "Appointment" .... Delete "The players shall submit their votes for Team Captains" and replace by "The Team Captain will be appointed"

2) 908 Selection of Team Captains

(a) For each team the CFC Executive will receive applications from interested individuals.

(b) Applications must be received by 105 days before the start of the Olympiad.

(c) The best candidate for the position(s) will be chosen by the executive or a sub-committee, taking into account the duties of the captains as outlined in 913.

3) 913 Add (b) Aiding with game analysis and preparation for upcoming opponents. Reorder other sections.

6. 2013-U Olympic Regulations (Zeromskis/Mallon)

That the required number of games to qualify for the National or National Women's teams be changed from 10 to 20 (handbook section 906 a3).

7. 2013-V Local Tournament Incentive Program (Pacey/Denommee)

propose to amend condition 1404 b), to now read:

b) the event must be advertised in Canadian Chess News (CCN) or on the CFC Discussion Board, or on the CFC Website;

and to delete the following after condition e):

"All tournaments supported under this program will be signified LTIP in the Coming Events section of the magazine."

and replace it with:

All tournaments supported under this program will be signified LTIP where they are advertised in accordance with condition b) above.

8. Ratification of Chess Server Contract (discussion only)

The chess server contract will be discussed in camera.

Part 3 - Voting

9. Voting Section (“The Voting Booth”)

Part 4 - Other Business

10. Results of Voting
11. Concluding Address by President

Bob Armstrong, CFC Public Relations Coordinator

The CFC Regular Chess Post – January 23/13 – New Titles Granted.

FIDE has now officially granted Canadians some new titles:

GM – Eric Hansen
IM – Aman Hambleton
Conditional IM – Shiyam Thavandiran ( subject to raising rating to 2400 ).

Congratulations to all!

Bob Armstrong, CFC Public Relations Coordinator

The CFC Regular Chess Post – January 21/13 –Montreal Class Tournament Results.

This tournament was played in 4 sections, Jan. 18 – 20. The top finishers were:

# Nom No Cote Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot Prix
1 Bator Sambuev 100539 2576 +11 +8 =2 +7 +3 4,5 750,00
2 Aman Hambleton 101444 2370 +13 +12 =1 =3 +8 4,0 400,00
3 Michael Kleinman 101477 2288 +14 +16 +17 =2 -1 3,5 125,00
4 Raven Sturt 103420 2283 +19 U--- +12 =8 +9 3,5 125,00

Bob Armstrong, CFC Public Relations Coordinator