The CFC Regular Chess Post ( Week of Jan.11 - 17/13 )

The CFC Regular Chess Post – January 15/13 –2013 Canadian Youth Chess Championships – CFC Website Page

CFC has started a new page on its website to promote both the CYCC and the provincial YCC’s that feed players into the CYCC: . The page tells you how you can qualify for the CYCC through YCC’s:

“How do I qualify to take part?
Participate in a regional youth chess championship (YCC) and achieve a score that meets a minimum threshold. A 50% score is typically the standard for moving on to provincial and/or national competition. If a qualifier is unavailable in your area, it is easy to run your own!”

And this year there is a new economical option for running a YCC for the organizers:

“just a $2 per registrant cost to be an official qualifier.”

For organizers, see the page for more details on the rules for running a YCC in your province and your options re cost! Let’s qualify as many good juniors to the CYCC as we can – give the juniors in your province the opportunity to qualify!

Bob Armstrong, CFC Public Relations Coordinator

The CFC Regular Chess Post – January 14/13 –BC Senior Championship

( Adapted from the report by Paul Leblanc) The first ever BC Senior Championship took place at Simon Fraser University in BC this past weekend and 14 players took part. Third ranked Alonso Campos emerged victorious with a score of 4.5 - 0.5. He clinched the title with a last round win against Brian McLaren.
Here are the top finishers:

Final Results
# Name ID Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot Prize
1 Eugenio Alonso Campos 102330 1862 H— W14 W3 W2 W4 4.5 1st Place
2 Darko Dimitrijevic 104350 2019 W13 W5 W9 L1 W7 4.0 2nd Place
3 George Kosinski 106565 1840 D6 W7 L1 W13 W8 3.5
4 Brian McLaren 100088 2312 L5 W12 W10 W9 L1 3.0
5 Philip Harris 112311 1760 W4 L2 W11 D8 D9 3.0 1st – U1800 after tie break
6 Manuel Omana Escandor 137035 1641 D3 H— L8 W11 W12 3.0 2nd – U1800 after tiebreak

Details at:

Bob Armstrong, CFC Public Relations Coordinator