The CFC Regular Chess Post ( Weeks of December 21/12 - Jan. 3/13 )

The CFC Regular Chess Post – Dec. 23/12 – 2013 CFC Governors’ Winter Meeting


The CFC holds its open, on-line Annual General Meeting in July. But three other times during the year ( Oct. 1; Jan. 1; April 1 ), the CFC Governors hold their quarterly, on-line meetings. They are a week long, and involve debate and motions. So the next meeting will be the Jan. 1-7 2013 Winter Meeting. It is an open meeting, as are all quarterly meetings now, thanks to the governors passing the appropriate motion at the 2012 Fall Meeting. The agenda has been distributed to the governors, and will become available when the public meeting forum is established – check the CFC Forums page:  Come see your tax dollars at work!!


Bob Armstrong, CFC Public Relations Coordinator