International News ..... Oct 22, 2012

Pretty well impossible to catch up with everything since my last post. I'll start with some Canadiana in this post.

Eric Hansen has had an incredible run of events .... managing to qualify for a GM title from two back to events .... and now over the last weekend completing a Carlsen-like comeback to tie for 1st in the Continental and take a spot in the 2013 World Cup.

It seems like Aman Hambleton, who seems to be winning all of the Canadian swiss events is playing in, has captured a second IM norm in the Spice Cup Open, again just finished last weekend in St Louis. One more to go .....

On the International front, Hikaru N, who has had a bit of a bumpy ride looks to be in control at the Unive tournament at the half-way point with 2.5/3

Some older news - Gelfand, Topalov and Mamedyarov tie for 1st in GP#1. #2 goes next month in Tashkent, UZB.

Carlsen defeated Caruana in the rapid play-off in the Grand Slam Masters. The World#1 next plays in "regulation" in the London Classic in December.