The CFC Regular Chess Post ( Week of August 3 - 9/12 )

The CFC Regular Chess Post – August 3/12 – World Junior/Junior Girls Chess Championships.

These two 13 round swisses are being played in Athens, Greece from August 2 – 15. Canada has sent an “ Official Representative “ to each tournament.

FM Shiyam Thavandiran, twice Canadian Junior Champion ( 2005;2010 ), who finished third in the 2012 Canadian Junior, was the highest finisher willing to attend the WJCC. As such, he is awarded plane travel cost by the organizers of the Can. Junior, and gets free WYCC registration and room and board from the WJCC organizers.

The 2012 Canadian Junior Girls Champion, Veronika Kalaydina, is the “ official rep. “ to the girls tournament, and gets the same benefits as Shiyam.

In addition, CFC has authorized 4 other Canadian Juniors to attend, at their own expense:

IM Eric Hansen – 2012 Canadian Open winner
FM Michael Kleinman
FM Aman Hambleton
Kevin Wu

Good luck to all our Canadian team!

Bob Armstrong, CFC Public Relations Coordinator