GOTW: Noritsyn - Samsonkin, 2019 Zonal

Our Canadian Game of the Week is the round 6 board 1 pairing between IM Nikolay Noritsyn and IM Artiom Samsonkin at the 2019 Canadian Zonal.
As shown in the diagram, White had the opportunity to play Bxh5. Would that be a good move? What should Black do?

Tactics: 2019.03

14 Critical Positions from the next issue of Chess Canada...

GOTW: Petran - Dougherty, Bled 2018

Our Canadian Game of the Week comes from the 2018 World Senior Championship, currently underway in Bled, Slovenia.
White has just played 18.Ng3. What happens if 18... Nd3? What should Black play?

Tactics: 2018 WYCC

Our Canadian Tactics come from the 2018 World Youth Chess Championship, currently underway in Greece.
It is Black to move in both diagrams. Games and notes below...

2018 Almonte Open: Report and Games

It's Black to move in two crazy games from the 2018 Almonte Open.
Report, photos, links, and analysis of two games...

Tactics: Dragon' White Down

Our Canadian Tactic comes from a first-round game between Canada and TSG Markkleeberg at the World Senior Team Chess Championship (+50). It is FM Ian Findlay as Black to move in the diagram. 

Tactics: Wreckjavik

Our Canadian Tactic comes from IM Shiyam Thavandiran's round 4 game at the 2018 Reykjavik Open.  In the diagram, Shiyam is threatening Qxg7#; what happens after  18...g6 19.Rae1 ...?

2017 Christmas Theme Puzzles

A star and a tree make the patterns in these two Christmas themed puzzles.
On the left, White to mate in 2, on the right, Black to mate in 2...

Tactics: (RB vs RB) X2

Round 4 of last weekend's RA December Open saw two complex endings of Rook and B vs Rook and B on the top boards. The coloured circles in the lower left corner of the diagrams indicate the player to move. Take some time to at least come up with some ideas before looking at the games and analysis...

Tactics: Bohatirchuk vs Canadian Champions

The diagrams show positions from games between Fedor Bohatirchuk and four Canadian Chess Champions. The coloured circle in the bottom left of each board shows the player to move. Solutions and analysis...


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