Best of the Web: Week 9

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2013 CYCC

The Canadian Youth Chess Championship has started! This is a record-breaking event with 278 players.

Aurora Summer Open Results

IM Nikolay Noritsyn dominated the Open section, beating 5 masters on his way to a perfect 5/5 score, one full point point ahead of WIM Yuanling Yuan, clear second at 4/5

CCN July 2013 sample: Edmonton Chess Festival

To tide you over until the full July CCN is released, here is the illustrated and annotated report on the 2013 Edmonton Chess Festival.

Canadians at the World Open : Results

A few Canadians played in the World Open (thanks to Hugh Brodie for finding the results).

IM Bindi Cheng and IM Leonid Gerzhoy both ended up with 5.5/9 - winning $462.50 each. 6.5 was enough to win the Open section.

Game of the Week - Haessel vs. Short

This year's Edmonton International featured its strongest field ever. When I played the event back in 2009, the tournament boasted a 2600+ rated player (Victor Mikhalevski). He was back again this year, along with Eric Hansen, and two 2700s, Lazaro Bruzon and Nigel Short.

Sac, Sac, Mate

S. Cleto (1906) – J. Repa (1991), Abe Yanofsky Memorial 2011

White clearly dominates the position and even if he does not manage to break through immediately, his advantage will persist. Nevertheless, he can end the game immediately.

Click below for a hint:

Eric Hansen, Aman Hambleton - BIG NEWS

Here's what IM Aman Hambleton wrote on Chesstalk yesterday.


As the title says, Eric and I have some big news to report!

Best of the Web: Week 8

Dear readers,

We've decided to add another type of content to this column: international news articles. There always are exciting tournaments going on, and we thought you might be interested in handpicked articles and news website recommendations!

2013 Fort McMurray Open and AB Women's championship

Jina Burn, from the Fort McMurray Chess Club and the Alberta Chess, is organizing two tournaments, an open and a women's championship, on July 6-7.


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