2013 Montreal Open Championship

When ? : Sept 6-8, 2013
Where ? : Collège Brébeuf, Montreal

Game of the Week - Sambuev vs. Morozevich

Although this week's game isn't exactly a "Canadian" game in that it wasn't played in Canada, it deserves to be shown as it is the biggest upset of GM Bator Sambuev's career. A very exciting back-and-forth game from the first round of the World Cup in Tromso, Norway, goes his way against one of the world's best.

Dynamic Compensation

B. Sambuev (2700) – M. Voloaca (2327), RA Winter Open 2012

Follow the World Cup/ Suivez la Coupe du Monde

The World Cup will be taking place in Tromsø, Norway, from Aug 10 to Sept 3. The two games of the first round will start on Sunday, Aug 11, 9PM (EST) and Monday, Aug 12, 9PM (EST).

(113) CAN Bator Sambuev 2524 vs 2739 Alexander Morozevich RUS (16)
(98) CAN Eric Hansen 2584 vs 2707 Vladimir Malakhov RUS (31)

8th Kitchener Chess Festival - Report

The Canadian Amateur and Senior Chess Championships took place in Kitchener from August 2 to August 5. It was a 7-round swiss tournament, divided in five sections : seniors open, amateur open, U2000, U1600 and U1200. They were fighting for a ~$3000 prize pool ($300-$200-$100 prizes for each amateur section).

Canadian Forces chess team at the 24th NATO chess championship


Game of the Week - Le Dorze vs. Kernetsky

Hi, all. I hope you enjoyed your long weekend (for those of you outside of Quebec). After my annotations of games from the big Canadian tournaments this summer, we have a game from the monthly TNT series in Winnipeg. Take a look at a game where a pawn weakness dictates play and eventually determines the result.

Best of the Web: Week 11

Hi everyone!

Hook and Ladder

Conrad Holt (2531) – Bindi Cheng (2406), DC International 2013

White just played Red1. What’s wrong with this move and how can Black take advantage of it?

Click below for a hint:


Canadian Amateur and Seniors Chess Championships 2013 : Standings

Follow the games from the Canadian Amateur Chess Championship 2013 and the Canadian Seniors Chess Championship 2013 in Kitchener.


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