BOTW: Candidates 2018

The 8-player double RR to determine the Challenger for Magnus Carlsen in the next World Championship match is this week's Best of the Web...

Upcoming Events: 2018.03-04

A dangerous downward spiral (?!) with only 33 chess tournaments across Canada in March and April 2018!!!
... play now before they're all gone!

GOTW: Dukic - Qin, CUCC 2018

Our Canadian Game of the Week comes from the final round of the Canadian University Chess Championship, between Ottawa U's Zach Dukic and Waterloo's Joey Qin.

Upcoming Events: 2018.02-03

Only 37 chess events across Canada this February and March. What's the matter Canada... don't you love chess anymore...?

BOTW: Bonus

Carlsen vs Nakamura in Fischer Random Match, Stockfish 9 released, and Qiyu Zhou at the St.Louis Norm Congress are a bonus Best of the Web...

BOTW: 2018.02.03

The PRO Chess League returns with a special weekend of chess, and GM Pascal Charbonneau is interviewed on Perpetual Chess, this week's Best of the Web...

Anti-Grunfelds at the 2018 Ontario Junior Championship

The 2018 Ontario Junior was held January 27-29, 2018. FM Nicholas Vettese won with 5/5.
Details, links, and two annotated games, both featuring anti-Grunfelds...

BOTW: 2018.01.24

Gibraltar 2018, the PRO Chess League rounds 2 and 3, and the last three rounds of TATA Steel/Wijk aan Zee are this week's Best of the Web...

Upcoming Events: 2018.01-02

40 tournaments during the two worst weather months of the year!!??
Canadians may be indulging in dangerous levels of chess...

GOTW: +2 and lost!

Inspired by (and including) Magnus Carlsen's amazing hang-a-piece-and-still-beat-a-2630 on Sunday, our Game(s) of the Week are all Dragons which start from the position in the diagram and where one side had an advantage of at least +2, and yet failed to win. Games and notes include: Carlsen-Jones, Leko-Carlsen, Lugovoi-Sambuev, Ganguly-Richard Wang, as well as an opening survey on this line...


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