Best of the Web: Week 3

Hi everyone,

Keres Memorial and BCCF AGM

IM Georgi Orlov wins the Keres Memorial!

Game of the Week - Derraugh vs. Preotu

Hi, everyone. I hope you all had a good long weekend. The game I chose for this week's game of the week was from March at the Kitchener Winter Open.

2013 Quebec Open Championship

The Quebec Chess Federation (FQE) is organizing the Quebec Open Championship

Best of the Web: Week 2

No fool can play chess, and only fools do. German proverb

Hi everyone! 

Don't Overwork Your Pieces!

Starting Position

L. Mundwiler (2035) – A. Boron (1980), March TNT 2013

White has better coordinated pieces here as well as control over the key files. How does he realize his advantage?

Click below for a hint:


2013 Calgary International : Standings and live games !

The 2013 Calgary International is definitely one of the most interesting tournaments of the year.

After 3 rounds, GMs Wesley So, Robin Van Kampen and Eric Hansen were leading; since then, So has pulled away to a big lead.

Montreal High School League : Final Standings

Pour une deuxième année de suite, l'École secondaire Internationale remporte la ligue d'échecs inter-secondaire de Montréal. 10 équipes ont participé cette année.

Game of the Week - Evans,B vs. Peev,P

This week's game was played back in February at the Annex Chess Club in Toronto. It is uncommon that a player rated 200 points less gets to "miniature" his opponent, but that was the case in the following game. Enjoy!  

Tactics from the 2013 McGill Open Chess Championship

With the recent completion of the 2013 McGill Open Chess Championship, I bring to you a couple of hard-fought games in which one side was able to seal the deal with a decisive tactic. Can you spot what these players saw over the board and replicate their winning moves?



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