Mini Quebec Open

The Quebec Chess Federation organizes a small tournament during the Quebec Open, called the ''Mini-COQ'' (COQ = Championnat Ouvert du Québec).

Montreal Chess Club Championship - Results

The Montreal Chess Club (CEM) is the biggest chess club in Quebec. Its members meet two times a week at the Strategy Games building on St-Denis St. (Wednesday and Friday) to play one standard game in a monthly rotation tournament. Contact for further information.

Game of the Week - Hambleton vs. Berson

One of Canada's strongest players of late is my good friend Aman Hambleton. He has been playing all over South America and Europe, and, fortunately, he has still had time to play here in Canada.

Best of the Web: Week 6

Hi everyone!

This week, John Upper will be following the Tal Memorial, with video and (mostly) English language post-mortems here. The initial page is in Russian, but you can translate it using your browser!  

Here are my weekly picks:

25 Hours of Chess-

June 29-30, 2013, in Montreal (Loisirs St-Henri) 

Shutting the Back Door

B. Villavieja (2337) – R. Vrana (2201), Paul Keres Memorial, 2012

In this position, both kings find themselves under fire from their adversary’s heavy pieces. Black’s last move, 1. … Nf4, was a mistake, allowing white a thematic blow.


CFC AGM - June 17-30, 2013

The CFC Annual General Meeting will be conducted on the CFC discussion board, starting next Monday.

2013 Aurora Summer Open

TORO 2013 : Results

TORO 2013

Author: Regis Bellemare


Game of the Week - Harris vs. McLaren

An exciting game from the BC Senior Championship early this year is on the menu this week. The following game is a fight back and forth where the advantage changes hands several times. If you play the Queen's Gambit, this game should be of particular interest.


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