GOTW: Hansen - MacKinnon, Nanaimo 2018.

Our Canadian Game of the Week is GM Eric Hansen's round 4 win over NM Keith MacKinnon at the 2018 Nanaimo Spring Open.

Upcoming Events: 2018.04-05

A dangerous upward trend, with only 40 chess tournaments across Canada in April and May 2018!
Cash in now, before they're all gone!


BOTW: No Match for World Champion

With the 2018 Candidates ending with seven of the eight players not qualifying for a World Championship match, our Best of the Web this week focuses on two great players who, despite their best efforts, never got to play a match against the world's best player....

GOTW: Vogt - Piasetski, HD Bank Cup, 2018.

IM Leon Piasetski annotates his topsy-turvy round 5 game against German GM Lothar Vogt from the 2018 HD Bank Cup Open in Vietnam...  

Tactics: Wreckjavik

Our Canadian Tactic comes from IM Shiyam Thavandiran's round 4 game at the 2018 Reykjavik Open.  In the diagram, Shiyam is threatening Qxg7#; what happens after  18...g6 19.Rae1 ...?

Mcgill Rapid Open 2018: May 5th!

The McGill Rapid is back in 2018 for its second edition ! It will be held on Saturday May 5 in a new, calmer and more appropriate venue at the McGill New Residence Hall.  Venue: New Residence Hall, 3625 Park.

BOTW: Candidates 2018

The 8-player double RR to determine the Challenger for Magnus Carlsen in the next World Championship match is this week's Best of the Web...

Upcoming Events: 2018.03-04

A dangerous downward spiral (?!) with only 33 chess tournaments across Canada in March and April 2018!!!
... play now before they're all gone!

GOTW: Dukic - Qin, CUCC 2018

Our Canadian Game of the Week comes from the final round of the Canadian University Chess Championship, between Ottawa U's Zach Dukic and Waterloo's Joey Qin.

Upcoming Events: 2018.02-03

Only 37 chess events across Canada this February and March. What's the matter Canada... don't you love chess anymore...?


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