The Poisoned Knight

M. Chang (1775) – J. D. Castaneda Jimenez (2100), Père Noël Montreal 2012

Black’s advantage in space on the kingside give him good attacking possibilities. Furthermore, his best option is to follow through with it, as White is superior elsewhere on the board.

What is the best way of commencing the attack?

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Think about how to make use of Black’s major pieces.

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1. … Ng3! This thematic knight sacrifice forces White to open up the h file onto his own king. 2. Bxg3 (2. hxg3 hxg3+ 3. Kg1 gxf2+ 4. Kxf2 may have been a better try, as White’s king is relatively safe.) hxg3 3. h3? A natural move, but one that loses to another thematic sacrifice: 3. … Bxh3! 4. Kg1 (4. gxh3 White gets checkmated after 4. … Qd7 and Qxh3.) 4. … Be6 5. Qd2? (Qe1 getting rid of the g3 pawn was necessary.) 5. … Bxd5 6. exd5 Kd7! 0-1

White cannot stop the threat of Rh1+ and Qh8+ Qh2#.