Best of the Web: Week 7

Hi everyone,

This week my fellow contributors basically took over my job, since Félix Dumont and John Upper offered two suggestions each! 

Félix recommends Susan Polgar's blog. Susan Polgar is one of the famous Polgar sisters and has won numerous titles throughout her career. She is now head of the Susan Polgar Institute for Chess Excellence (SPICE) at Texas Tech University. 

Félix also offers Magnus Carlsen's blog. For those of you who haven't heard of Carlsen, he is currently ranked number one in the world, and recently beat Kasparov's record highest rating to become the highest rated player in history. He will be Viswanathan Anand's next challenger for the world title.

Speaking of high ratings, my vote goes to, where you can find live ratings for players ranked above 2700 (FIDE). The website is updated on a daily basis.

John not only likes, but has contributed to db Books - a collection of PGN files compiled from (mostly) public domain chess books. Get these and play along with your chess books on screen. Very handy for classic books if you find descriptive notation awkward!

John's second selection is  "Jon's Antique Chess Collection": photos of pieces and sets from a time before plastic staunton pieces ruled the world. 

We are planning on experimenting with a new type of content next week, so make sure you drop by and have a look!