Pigs on the Seventh

D. Southam (2180) – P. Manalo (1845), Annex CC Summer Love 2012

White’s advantage in this position is obvious. With Black’s last move, 1. … f6?, he has only weakened his seventh rank further, allowing for decisive penetration.

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Make use of the full potential of the White rooks.

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2. Bxf8! White gives up his dominant bishop for Black’s inactive knight in a seemingly illogical exchange. Kxf8 3. Rc5! The point of White’s play is revealed: by vacating the c5 square with tempo, he guarantees his rook’s access to the seventh rank. Re7? This only loses a tempo, though it is hard to suggest anything else. 4. Rc8+ Re8 otherwise the b8 knight falls 5. Rcc7

IMAGE(http://i.imgur.com/SLzpQ8I.jpg  )

Black can already resign. Material is even for the moment but Black is in essence a rook and knight down since nether Black’s a8 rook or knight will be participating in the game. 5. … Rf7+ Kg8 6. Rxg7+ Kf8 7. Rh7 Kg8 8. Rbg7+ Kf8 9. Rh8+ This leads to a simple winning position. Kxg7 10. Rxd8 Black’s pieces are completely frozen; he has no good answer to Nc6. 10. … Ra7 11. Rxb8 Rc7 12. Rb7 1-0