Best of the Web: Week 6

Hi everyone!

This week, John Upper will be following the Tal Memorial, with video and (mostly) English language post-mortems here. The initial page is in Russian, but you can translate it using your browser!  

Here are my weekly picks:

First, the Youtube channel of Christof Sielecki, a German IM rated 2393 (FIDE). Mr Sielecki has posted hundreds of videos featuring commentary of contemporary top-level games as well as of his own live blitz games in which he explains his thought process as the game unfolds. After watching a few of these videos, I can say they are very instructive and should provide lots of insights to most players.

Second, the download page of, and while I'm at it, itself! I'm guessing most of you probably already use that website, but if you don't , you should give it a shot. You can play for free, and the subscriptions give access to a lot of material. The downloads page contains lots of free stuff, sorted in various categories. 

Third, a movie! "Brooklyn Castle" is a documentary about the chess team of I.S. 318, a school in Brooklyn where a large part of the student body lives below the federal poverty line. Despite obvious challenges, the school has been fostering one of the top chess teams in the USA for several years. This movie is well worth your time! Find a review here.

See you next week!