About us

John Upper : Canadian Chess News Editor John Upper is the new editor of the CFC's newsletter and newsfeed. He lives in Gatineau, plays twice a week at the RA Chess Club, blitz infrequently on FICS, and is much older than he looks.

McGill Students' Chess Club:

Félix Dumont : Coordinator Felix Dumont is the new coordinator of the CFC online newsfeed. He has been heavily involved in the past with many chess clubs in Montreal, worked 3 years for the Quebec Chess Federation and organized the 2012 Canadian Zonals Championships. Now that he studies computer science and mathematics at McGill, he focuses on promoting chess among youngsters, mostly with Team-Quebec, and acts as the public relations coordinator of the Quebec Chess Federation.

Keith MacKinnon: Canadian Game of the Week Keith MacKinnon is the president of the McGill Chess Club, and he is entering his final year of Software Engineering. Although he has less time for chess than he would like, he still manages to play in a few tournaments per year, and he enjoys staying up-to-date with the news from the chess world.

Roman Sarrazin-Gendron: Tournaments Roman Sarrazin-Gendron, a Computer Science and Biology major, will be the Events collaborator. He is well known for being abnormally tall and having a wicked sense of humour. As he will cover upcoming tournaments, he will be awaiting your announcements and reports.

Michael Kleinman: Analysis Michael Kleinman is a FIDE Master studying electrical engineering at McGill. Since he was young, chess has been one of his major interests, and he enjoys following recent tournaments. He will be sharing some of that love of the game with the general public through the analysis of top games.

Hou Ji Yao: Tournaments Hou Ji Yao, a first year Arts and Science student at McGill, is the VP Communications of the Chess Club. An avid chess enthusiast, Hou Ji took a hiatus from chess in 2012 to pursue other things, only to return to the sport three years later. He also likes to write long articles, as evidenced by his maiden report on CUCC 2016.

Shao Hang He: Webmaster Shao Hang He is the lead Web Developer of CFC online newsfeed. He is also a chess amateur that organized many student chess events in the past. But most importantly, he is a Computer Science student and Web Developer at McGill University. Despite the heavy work load at school, he is still able to help several organizations of McGill to develop their websites, including James McGill Professor Daniel Levitin's Music Cognition Lab, McGill CSSA's website and McGill Chess Club's website.


The McGill Students' Chess Club is one of the most active clubs in Quebec. The club organizes the annual McGill Open Championship (prize fund of $3000) and organized the 2013 Canadian University Chess Championship, which was won by McGill University. After two more consecutive wins, the next step is the Pan American Intercollegiate Championship. http://ssmu.mcgill.ca/chess/