Best of the Web: Week 5

Here are our weekly picks!

My weekly vote goes to the websites of Mr Zarkon Fischer: Old site and New site. It looks like Mr Fischer is currently building a new website, but between the two links above, you should be able to find all the information you require about chess engines and software, with a bias toward free stuff! If, like me, you are a little confused about how/when/why to use Rybka, Houdini, Fritz, Komodo etc. or what free software is available, then go have a look!

John Upper likes The Chess Mind blog by Dennis Monokroussos. His book reviews are almost as good as John Watson's, and his game analysis is among the best free-stuff on the web, and summer is a good time to visit his blog, since it isn't cluttered by his incessant pro-Notre Dame football posts :)

Félix Dumont would like to direct you to the website of J.-R. Boutin, a Quebecois arbiter. Mr Boutin enjoys displaying the standings and pairings for every round of the tournaments he arbiters. Make sure to check it out this weekend for results of the Gatineau Open!

Finally, I can't believe we haven't recommended this website already, but go have a look at Chess Tempo, a great website that probably has one of the best FREE online tactics trainer programs available. Unlike other such programs, the software usually accepts more than one solution, and will give you another try if you found a good move that wasn't the best. Honestly, practice your tactics on that site for a few weeks and you will see a difference in your game!

See you next week!