Best of the Web: Week 4


Hello everyone!

Here is another one of my favourite games: "Kasparov's immortal". As the name indicates, it is usely recognized as one of Kasparov's finest achievements. It was played in Wijk an Zee (Netherlands) in 1999. Kasparov had the white pieces against Topalov, Bulgaria's top player (and FIDE world champion in 2005). The game features an incredible king chase all over the board, some sacrifices... Everything needed to make chess entertaining! You can find the game here, and a great analysis in this Youtube video.

 Which brings me to my second suggestion of the week: The Chess Website's Youtube channel. They have posted over 100 videos covering lots of topics, from famous games to openings, endgames, and lots of chess traps!

John Upper reads all John Watson's book reviews, and happens to know that there will be a third new set of reviews this week. Book reviews!

Félix Dumont recommends the blog of GM Dejan Bojkov, a highly successful chess coach who travels all around the world and will be back again in Canada this summer for the Quebec Open. 

Another interesting piece of news is the release of 7-pieces endings (Lomonosov tablebases). Similar to the free online Shredder tablebases (recommended last week), these new tablebases solve any position with 7 pieces on the board, and Aquarium 2012 users get a free trial period. You can find more information here.