Development Over Material

E. Hansen (2588) – V. Pechenkin (2428), Alberta Closed 2013

This week, we will be looking at a game from the 2013 Alberta Open. One of Canada’s strongest players, GM Eric Hansen, has White in the above tactical position.

Black is up an exchange and a pawn, but his lack of development will be his downfall. How does White break through to the king?

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Try to break open the king’s pawn cover.

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1. Rxe6! Opening up the h5-e8 diagonal for White’s queen. The result has already been decided. fxe6 2. Ne5 Here Black resigned. He will either lose heavy material or be mated in the following moves.

For example: 2. … axb5 3. Qg6+ Ke7 4. Qf7+ Kd6 5. Nxb5#.