Don't Overwork Your Pieces!

Starting Position

L. Mundwiler (2035) – A. Boron (1980), March TNT 2013

White has better coordinated pieces here as well as control over the key files. How does he realize his advantage?

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Make use of the disconnection of Black’s rooks.

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1. Rf1! Qa5 (If 1. … Qc5, then 2. Qf6 and White’s rook will reach c7.) 2. Qc7 Ba6 3. Rxf7! Taking advantage of the overloaded rook on f8. Mate is threatened, so Black must exchange. 3. ... Rxf7 4. Qxb8+ Kg7 5. Qd6. White has gained an extra pawn and stays on the attack.