Best of the Web: Week 21

Hi everyone!

Let's get started with a hilarious blog post about NM John Chernoff's "Worst. Tournament. Ever." (Disclaimer: I have no idea where Mr. Chernoff's username comes from!). I like this post, and the blog in general, for two main reasons: 1) It's downright hilarious. 2) It makes us non-masters feel better about ourselves. Check it out!

Next up, GM Hikaru Nakamura recently had a Q&A session on reddit, during which he answered lots of questions about various topics. At one point, when asked about Bobby Fischer, Nakamura said he would expect him to lose to the top current players, because the game has changed so much. Comparing past and current champions is a topic which is very popular, and very difficult to answer. However, I found an interesting answer to Nakamura on, coming from GM David Smerdon. Who do you think should top the all-time greats list?

Magnus Carlsen recently released a fun app, in which you get to play against a computer that was programmed to mimic Magnus' play at different points in his life. So if you feel like losing to a 9-year old, give it a try: Play Magnus!

Let's finish up with a selection of recent articles from First, a two-part series which attempts to answer the question: "How does Carlsen do it?" (Part 1Part 2). Second, this article gives a sneak peak into the world of computer-resistant programs, as well as chess variants: Computers and chess variants! And let's finish with another fun two-parter! This one features problems that were presented at the British Chess Problem Solving Championship, as well as their solutions.

See you soon!