Best of the Web: Week 20


Hola chess aficionados!

As usual, John had something special up his sleeve for this week. He has enjoyed playing through Shipov's Review of 2013 on Crestbook, and so have I, for the last half-hour!

Top quote (according to John):

"Q: what is the most significant theoretical result putting an end to an important opening branch?

A: The most significant phenomenon of the last few years has been the Berlin Variation, putting an end to nothing less than the move 1.e4."

I enjoyed playing through the "Curiosity of the year" mentioned by Shipov: an endgame between two players above 2400, in which white couldn't manage to checkmate with knight and bishop versus a lone king! Who said that's an easy win?! Endgame technique, or lack thereof...

Along other lines, I ran into a little gem on Chessbase, written by Prof. Christian Hesse. He presents his favorite game of all time. You might be thinking Byrne-Fischer 1956, or Kasparov-Topalov 1999, but no! This game features GM Serper vs GM Nikolaidis, and is well worth a few minutes of your time.

Finally, I found this short article by GM Ben Finegold rather interesting. Which young players do you think will rise to the top and challenge Carlsen in the next few years?

See you next week!